Jun Yamada

I am currently a research intern at OMRON SINICX working on robot learning research and an incoming PhD student at the University of Oxford.

I was a visiting student at the University of Southern California, advised by Professor Joseph J. Lim. I did my master at University College London, supervised by Professor John Shawe-Taylor and Dr. Zafeirios Fountas. I got my bachelor degree at Keio University, advised by Professor Akito Sakurai.


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  • [Oct 2020] Our paper on augmenting reinforcement learning with motion planning accepted to CoRL 2020!

I'm interested in Robot Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Computer Vision.

Motion Planner Augmented Reinforcement Learning for Robot Manipulation in Obstructed Environments
Jun Yamada*, Youngwoon Lee*, Gautam Salhotra, Karl Pertsch,
Max Pflueger, Gaurav S Sukhatme, Joseph J Lim, Peter Englert,
CoRL, 2020
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Our approach augments model-free RL agents with motion planning capabilities, enabling them to solve long-horizon manipulation tasks in cluttered environments.

Evolution of a Complex Predator-Prey Ecosystem on Large-scaleMulti-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
Jun Yamada, John Shawe-Taylor, Zafeirios Fountas
IJCNN, 2020